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Bouncy trot/Spring stirrups?Help!!

Dear Ridecampers:
Just finished a second 25 w/my Polish arab Viktor,and I need your help!My horse has a big trot when he's competing -with alot of bounce.I'm pretty darned fit,but I notice that my feet are really bouncing off his sides,like  3-4 inches!I try to keep him more collected,but it's work.We probably did 50 miles over three days and my left knee is killing me !I love this horse in all other respects,he's a really fun,brave horse.I find myself cantering more because his trot is jarring me.
We are working with a trainer to build him up so he can stay more collected for longer distances,but I need to do something for myself in the meantime.Do you think the spring stirrups would help ?Please e-mail me if you have used a spring stirrup.
Thanks in advance!
Alicia and Viktor

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