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RE: Caretaker questions

Does your state have a limited liability law for equestrian activities? It
makes a tremendous amount of difference. This law makes the person coming
onto your property responsible for themselves. This law addresses the risk
that anyone who is around horses is at. Basically it says that by coming
onto the property the person is accepting the risk that is inherent with
being around equestrian activities. Horses are risky business and the
individual accepts that risk. Marilyn

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Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 4:58 PM
Subject: RC: Caretaker questions

Mary Carol
Anybody ever have someone stay on their property as a caretaker in
exchange for rent? I have a couple interested in placing a trailer to live
in on my place in exchange for animal care and general caretaking. (I have
several horses, four dogs and some sheep.)  This would be particularly
helpful when I am gone on rides, or working late.  Now, though, I am
wondering about liability, etc.  They have health insurance, but...
Before I call my property insurance carrier, I thought I would check with
Ride Camp.  Bet there are some folks here who have had some experience
with this!

What am I getting into?  Got any advice?  Good stories?  Horror stories?
Thanks in advance for your help!  (Any endurance riding attorneys or
insurance folks out there?!! :-))

Thanks again!
Mary Carol

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