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mare's behavior

we found a new horse that has shown inconsistant behavior. we have only
had her for two weeks.The day I went to see her and test her out, the only
thing that seemed wrong was that the owners didn't know how to put the
bridle and saddle on correctly. The horse belonged to the daughter who
"wanted a horse". They owned her for a year and half and rode her a
handful of times. She was over weight and it caused her to have a mild
case of laminitis. She is completely sound and is losing weight. OK, The
day I brought her home she was an angel, I even ponied our pony with her
up the street to pick up my daughter form school, nothing bothered her.
The next day we went on a trail ride, she was perfect, we even took her to
the arena and my friend took her around the barrels, she was much better
at it than my friend.( she was a barrel horse) We wanted see how she would
act there before I took her there with my daughter. (My friend rode her
and I rode my horse) OK, that was a week ago last Tues. and Wed. The rest
of the time I worked her from the ground in the round pen, and on the
lounge line. I would take her out in my field and she was super sensitive
on her sides, so bad I couldn't lay my legs on her AT ALL or she would
blast off! She had the speed stand still, trot fast and run fast. I would
put my older neighbor girl on her and she would not walk we had barrels
out there and she walked the horse past one, the horse dropped her
shoulder, flipped around it and jammed to the next one so fast. I took her
in the round pen bareback and rode her myself, letting my legs hit her
sides and telling her to walk, if she speed up, I turned her until she
would walk and let me put my legs on her like a kid would do. I know most
want their horses hot off the leg, but this is a kid who will be riding
her and when I first rode her it wasn't a problem. I think she needs
dental care too, as soon as you take up the reins she grinds hr teeth and
throws her head,She will give to the bit ( snaffel) eventually. We have
gone through some experimental bits and found one that she works OK in. We
were looking to sell her only for the reason that she was so fast. It
seemed to me the way she acted was like someone taught her that when they
said go, they meant GO FAST!! AND GO NOW!! My daughter begged me to take
her an a trail ride Saturday and I was very nervous, but thought if she
had a problem I would be ready to go home right away. This horse was
amazingly great!! We rode for 5 1/2 hours and even got brave and took to
the arena and she cantered her!! She would not do that before, she was to
scared!! Now today, Brittney went out and rode in our back yard,we put the
barrels away, thinking they excited her. this horse seems so pumped out
there, but she was tollerable and Britt had fun. I can't figure out why
this horse needs to be KICKED on the trail and at home laying your legs on
her she flys. Any way, if anyone has an idea I'll be glad to hear it.
Could it be possible for a horse to choose her riders? Lighter, less
experienced ones she seems better with than me or other larger riders. I
thought about the bit hurting her but she did so good on the trail.

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