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Caretaker questions

Mary Carol
Anybody ever have someone stay on their property as a caretaker in
exchange for rent? I have a couple interested in placing a trailer to live
in on my place in exchange for animal care and general caretaking. (I have
several horses, four dogs and some sheep.)  This would be particularly
helpful when I am gone on rides, or working late.  Now, though, I am
wondering about liability, etc.  They have health insurance, but...
Before I call my property insurance carrier, I thought I would check with
Ride Camp.  Bet there are some folks here who have had some experience
with this!

What am I getting into?  Got any advice?  Good stories?  Horror stories?
Thanks in advance for your help!  (Any endurance riding attorneys or
insurance folks out there?!! :-))

Thanks again!
Mary Carol

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