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    Re: [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides - Jeanne Slominski

    Pat, congratulations on your LD BC. Great job!
    Although some West region LDs give a BC, as a rule they are not an AERC LD BC. They're called a 'horsemanship award' or something along those lines, and therefore do not count towards the National LD BC award. Flatwoods does not give an AERC LD BC. I don't think Morgan Springs usually has a 25. I see that they did give an AERC LD BC this year, as did Redwoods and Chamberlain Creek.
    None of the following rides gave an AERC LD BC: Gold Country, Sierra Valley - two days, Quicksilver Fall Classic, Eastern High Sierra Classic, East Bay, Cooley Ranch, Red Rock Ride, Fireworks, Night Owl, NASTR, Oakland Hills, Run for the Gold, High Desert Classic, none of the Shine & Shine Onlys, American River, Quicksilver Spring Classic, Land of the Neversweats, Mountainside, Washoe Valley, Camp Far West, Wine Country, Chalk Rock, NEDA and Blackjack.
    As I couldn't locate all of my ENs, I probably missed a few. Don't get me wrong, these are all great rides. I've done quite a few of them. When you look at all of the LD rides in the West region, very few give an AERC LD BC. This is a peculiarity unique to the West region, followed closely by the Pacific South region.
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    Other West Region rides do give an award for BC.  I received one at the Redwoods Ride in Orick.  The also give BC at Flatwoods & Morgan Springs, to name a few.
    Pat Fredrickson
    Natural Horse Halters

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