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    Re: [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides - Jeanne Slominski

    You're missing my point. The West region is one of the few regions which does not give AERC LD BC. AERC does have a National award for LD BC. Do you feel it fair that the LD riders in the West region can not try to win this award as AERC LD BCs are not awarded? To me, getting a BC is more indicative of good horsemanship than winning. I'm not talking about new riders and/or new horses. I'm talking about well conditioned horses and experienced riders who just happen to be riding LD. And I have done Camp Far West a number of times, both the 50 and the 25. Very nice ride!
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    Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 2:03 PM
    Subject: [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides

    Jeanne said "It's unfortunate that most don't acknowledge the LDs. They have
    'training ride only' mentalities."

    Two years ago at the Camp Far West Ride in Califorinia, when the ride
    manager gave the fininshing critera for the LD at this ride, (which may have
    included alphabetical order of finish) the crowd broke into spontanenous
    applause as the critera was meant to prevent racing and overriding, and to
    proctect the horse.

    I find the above comment a little over stated in my experience.

    Happy Trails,
    Reno, NV

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    [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides, Maureen A. Fager