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    Re: [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides - Lynne Glazer

    I thought we'd cleared this up before. You can't say that about Pacific South anymore, Jeanne. There is only **one RM** in PS who doesn't offer the AERC LD BC, counting all PS rides since early 2002 season when we "gave in" to the current criteria for national recognition. The RM who doesn't puts on 2 rides in PS and 1 in West, NEVER gives LD BC of any kind, and if you think that out of the whole country PS is next to West in NOT giving LD BC, perhaps you are going based on quantity of rides and NOT on percentage..

    *Please* stop dinging the RMs of PS!

    Bar H Boogie (PS) 3/1/03

    On Monday, December 30, 2002, at 05:08 PM, Jeanne Slominski wrote:
    As I couldn't locate all of my ENs, I probably missed a few. Don't get me wrong,?these are all great rides. I've done quite a few of them.?When you look at all of the LD rides in the West region, very few give?an AERC LD BC. This is a peculiarity unique to the West region, followed closely by the Pacific South region.
    AERC #4887

    Re: [RC] [RC] West Region LD Rides, Jeanne Slominski