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    Re: [RC] Tie up Question Response - Bonnie Davis

    You guys know a lot more about the care of endurance horses that I since I don't endurance ride but my Quarter Horse, Sig, used to have a tying up problem.  After a long ride he'd start to tie up.  He was smart enough to 'feel' it coming on and would walk in circles to keep from tying up.  An old cowboy friend of mine said to feed baking soda -- about a 1/4 cup since there was "to much air in the muscles".  I fed Sig baking soda for about a month and the problem went away.  Would feed it about once a month after and when on long horsecamping trips with hard climbs in the mountains -- would feed baking soda (mixing it in grain).  Probably nothing but Sig never tied up anymore.....
    Bonnie Davis
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    From: C. Eyler
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    Before you begin supplementing with selenium, it would be a good idea to find out about the selenium level where your hay and grass grow.  And, don't forget to check the Se level in whatever grain/pellet you feed.
    Also, depending on your vet's advice, you may want to consider testing for Se blood level occasionally -- just to make sure you're not over-doing it.

    [RC] Tie up Question Response, Roger Rittenhouse
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