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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Dressage Saddles for Endurance Riding - Lori Chandler

    At 07:34 AM 12/29/02 -0800, you wrote:
    I have had several people tell me that dressage saddles make good endurance
    riding/trail saddles.  Can I get some feedback about this and can someone
    suggest and good quality, comfortable dressage saddle that I could look

    I use a Reactorpanel dressage style saddle & absolutely love it. I personally prefer a dressage style as I like my feet well under me...it allows me to get up out of the saddle easily, I feel amazingly secure when Sky re-arranges the furniture ;P & the fit for her is perfect. My saddle doesn't have all the rings & such, but find I didn't use them anyway. Use the snugpax cantle pack & hook water bottles on the breast collar rings. Anything else either fits in the pack or I can tie on top.

    Rode in a Stubben & Arabian Saddle Co. Solstice & like them both too.

    Good luck,


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