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    [RC] Tie up Question Response - Roger Rittenhouse

    Kathie  you asked  re-below. Going public this time since these
    comments may not ?? cause much riff..
    First - I recommend you add Sel and Vit E to the diet. Any product
    will do for general daily use. Most E/Se  products provide for 1mgc of
    Se per oz.
    I like to make sure the more heavy stocky horses have at least 1000
    IU of vit e per day . USe any form of Vit E- Jeffers or get gel caps
    at a discount Sundry store. I get 1000IU caps for $3 per 90
     I do increase the Se and E levels higher when working hard and
     during the ride season.
     I feed as much a 5000 IU E per day and increase the Se to 2 or 3 mgc
     per day.
     Reports in the THE HORSE indicate we (endurance) should feed higher
     levels then recommended by the 'charts' NRC?
     A working horse will oxidize off the Se faster then it will build up to
     toxic levels. I feed MegaSel  get from Jeffers etc.
     Feeding fat also will help with tie up however a 'bulky' horse needs
     no extra fat..
     Roger R
     you asked
    > Firstly, for her natural weight she is built husky for an arab.  She has =
    > pretty good conformation, and nice feet. However, her hindquarters are a =
    > bit larger and seem to be a bit more muscular than what I see in other ar=
    > abs in endurance.  I'm worried she may have some "tie up" episodes if I d=
    > on't care for her properly.  She hasn't done that yet-but I'm wondering i=
    > f she is higher risk for it due to her build.  I take good care of her an=
    > d do watch her closely.  She gets good quality hay and is wormed and trim=
    > med regularly.
     Roger                          mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxxx
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