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    RE: [RC] Wormers - Snodgrass, Bonnie

    Try this site:
    I don't know if it includes all the brands but it's fairly goo.
    Bonnie Snodgrass
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    Subject: [RC] Wormers

    Does anyone know of a web page that shows the classifications of the various wormers?  I've moved my gelding to a different barn, and I need to know whether the wormer they'll be administering in January is chemically different from the one he would normally get.  The horse owners supply the wormer at this barn, so I'm trying to decide what to buy.  I've looked at descriptions of the wormers from one of the big supply houses, but that info is not necessarily complete.
    Based on past history, Jack would be getting Strongid next month.  The barn were he is now is telling the owners to provide Safe-Guard or Panacur.  Are they essentially the same thing?
    BTW, he got Ivermectin in November and the Panacur Purge this month.