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    Re: [RC] Wormers - DESERTRYDR1

    Panacur and Safeguard are both brand names for fenbenzadole.  The panacur 
    purge is just a double dose of it for five days in a row.  Strongid is 
    pyrantel tartrate.  They are two different families of wormers.  Ivermectin 
    and moxidectin (Zimectrin and Quest respectively) are a third family.  
    Fenbenzadole/oxybenzadole, Pyrantel tartrate/pyrantel pamoate and 
    ivermectin/moxidectin are the three main families that most people would use 
    in rotation worming systems.  
    So your horse will be getting the same thing he got last month if they are 
    using panacur or safeguard in January.  If it were me, I would stick with the 
    Strongid, or do Ivermectin.  I actually use ivermectin every sixty days, 
    except in the fall after the first hard frost I do a panacur purge.  I may ad 
    a spring Panacur purge if I get rich enough.  The parasites are not supposed 
    to develop resistance to Ivermectin the way they have to other families of 
    wormers (theoretically, and so far according to the literature I have read)  
    It also covers a larger variety of parasites.  
    I don't use Quest (which is supposed to get even more varieties of parasites) 
    because I haven't figured out if it is as safe as the company wants us to 
    believe.  There were reports of deaths in horses wormed with it, most likely 
    due to the horses having a heavy parasite load and/or being overdosed.  My 
    understanding is that Quest does not have as big a safety margin in the dose 
    as some of the other wormers.  I don't do routine fecal exams before worming, 
    because at about sixty days my horses often show signs that they have worms, 
    such as rubbing their tails.  My horses are not in a closed herd, and the 
    place I board doesn't do as good a job of picking up manure as I would like, 
    so I just worm on a regular schedule.  
    Other people will give you different advice.  The best thing is to talk to 
    your vet, describe your care situation, and have him give you a worming 
    schedule that fits your gelding's circumstances.
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