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    Re: [RC] riding out - Sullivan

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Alice Yovich" <a.yovich@xxxxxxxxx>
    > Ok, I'm curious how many of you guys ride out on busy roads? I've been
    > hesitant to do this, worried that people would be rude to me and my
    > horse.I'm curious how many of your bravely face this each day and how did
    > you get past being afraid (if you ever were)
    > Alice Yovich, MA, MT-BC
    > Mommy, Horse lover, Music Therapist
    > >
    Since most drivers seem to have forgotten that little part in the vehicle
    code that says
    to "slow down when approachingh horses and look to the rider,",  you have to
    that, first of all, the majority are idiots and will just go screaming by.
    It IS a good thing for
    horses to be used to this...but by all means, get them used to it where you
    have a pretty
    wide shoulder to get away should something really, really scary come by.
    Also be aware
    of loose dogs in pickup trucks that will lunge to the side barking as the
    truck passes....
    When I have gone down the road in groups, especially with KIDS, I would ride
    my big,
    white mare (visible), who was pretty darn bombproof.  I was pretty confident
    of riding right into the lane
    of oncoming cars (at least a ways away), with my hand up...to slow them
    down, or stop, so
    the kids on horses could get by safely!! Look like you MEAN IT, when you ask
    them to slow down!
    Another thing you can do....if this is a road you use often, and other
    riders, is give the county
    a writen request to put up signs showing a horse and rider, with the words
    on it, SLOW FOR
    HORSES. I went to our county with requests for signs in three places, and
    the signs were up
    in less than a week.  You will feel more justified in asking drivers to slow
    down, if the signs are
    already posted!
    Well, also ,use some common sense...don't venture out on that green horse
    alone!  I also made
    a point to pony all my young horses along traffic, off the older ones.
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    [RC] riding out, Alice Yovich