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    Re: [RC] LD Finish Line - I'll be there no matter what - Sundaez

    In a message dated 12/20/2002 12:05:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, lanconn@xxxxxxx writes:

    An "elevator" ride is one where you can "upgrade" to the next distance.
    For example, you could enter a 25, but at the finish of the 25, you
    could tell the RM that you wanted to upgrade and do the 50.

    Wow that would be nice. After the last LD after an hour I was ready to go out again. I'm the weakest link in our team...just don't think I could do 50 but I want to really bad. It just would seem so overwhelming at the beginning...though 25 doesn't seem like a big deal anymore....it sure did at first though.

    I know I should just do it but can't seem to make that leap....I keep what iffing myself out of a 50.

    I know you guys who have done miles and miles think 25 is no big deal...but for me it was... especially on a 13 hand pony. If it wasn't for the LD rides I would have never have attempted this sport. Maybe some of you think people like me shouldn't even be in the sport...we cheapen the "endurance" title. Maybe I would feel that way if they started having 15 mile LD rides....I don't know.

    All I can say is I am greatful for LDs and am proud to ride them, at my pace...which can be pretty darn slow! I guess I could go out and buy a 16 hand arab and run at the front...or make sure I do my 25 miles in a couple hours...and then say the slow pokes horse's aren't fit.

    One of the things I am learning very fast about endurance. It is easier to go fast than slow. My slow 25's are my brand of endurance...don't care what other people call them.

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