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    [RC] LD Finish Line - I'll be there no matter what - Tim Worden

    Both sides of the issue have good arguments.  On one
    hand I think the term, "if it ain't broke don't fix
    it" works.  But on the other hands, what's a little
    change to make it more uniform?  
    2002 was mine and my girls, Jayda, first season of
    AERC rides together.  My wife suggested that Jayda and
    I should stick with LDs for the season, have fun and
    learn. Together we were able to complete 4 out of 4
    with a first season of 105 miles.  Not much compared
    to many others, but hey, it's a start.  I remember
    when I first started training that 15-20 miles seemed
    like a LONG way and I wondered how I was ever going to
    do 25-30.  Now 15-20miles is a standard ride and 25-30
    feels pretty easy.  My goal is to start 50s in 2003
    since I have an idea what it takes.
    As far as the finish of the LDs go.  I do like how the
    current setup is with meeting criteria pulse being the
    actual finish line.  This brings in a whole different
    strategy to the "race".  Brings back the post I
    believe from Roger about shaving off 30seconds through
    the vet check.  Strategy is half the fun of any
    competition.  If this change were to take place,
    making the finish line the actual point at which the
    clock stops on the LD, it would not be a big change
    really.  Either way, LD events will be held and people
    will compete in them as long as they are AERC
    sanctioned.  I'll sure be there, though I'll hopefully
    be doing a 50.
    Does the pulse down vs. finish line really make a big
    difference?  I took a look at a few 25/50 rides here
    in the SE and compared the winning times.  Of the ones
    I looked at, the 50 mile winner finished in almost
    exactly twice the amount of time as the 25mile winner.
     This tells me that the 50milers are moving out/racing
    just as fast as those going half the distance.  I'm
    not convinced that the pulse-down method slows the LDs
    down much at all, if any.  Heh, why change the LDs,
    why not make it so the 50s have to pulse down
    instead?;) (now there's a bad can of worms I could be
    Bottom line is, if it's an AERC sanctioned ride I'll
    be there to have fun and try for a completion whatever
    distance I ride.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing
    mine and my horses names with miles in the database.
    Tim - BTW, Jayda is still available for sale
    P.S.  can someone explain what an elevator ride is?
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