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    Re: [RC] Multi-day Horses - Trailrite

    In a message dated 12/19/2002 10:48:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, 4horn@xxxxxxx writes:

    So far everybody says the bone doesn't matter, but I haven't heard any statistics on the good multiday horses. Tammy, you've done plenty of multidays, what size shoes do your horses wear?

           I would say that Charlie's mare, TR Ima Liberated Lady, has nice bone.  Never have measured any of our horses, so I'm sort of guessing here.  Lady won the overall Nat'l Pioneer Heavyweight Championship in 1999 with Charlie as the rider.  Lady just recieved her 5000 + mileage and he will be riding her at the Death Valley ride.  Lady is 10 years old and 15.0 hands, med boned, front shoes are 0's and rears are 00's.  Her weight when she's in shape is 960 lbs.  Katie is 11 years old, the same weight, height, and same shoes sizes.
           TR Sharkee is 14.2, 780lbs, has smaller bones, but bigger feet, 1's in the front, 0's in the rear.  He has done 3 100's this last year, 20 Mule Team FEI, 4th place, 7th overall, The Tevis, 51st, and Swanton 100, 8th place, with my weight along with 3 -4 multidays.  He did 1050 miles for this ride year of 2002, Sharkee is in his 3rd season now.
           TR Rett Butler, 14.3, very big bone, 950 lbs, 0's on the front, 0's on the rear.  Rett is on the other end of the sprectrum from Sharkee.

    All of these horses are still going in their careers, except maybe Katie.  We still don't know about that yet.