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    Re: [RC] Multi-day Horses - Sullivan

    This seems to be on topic and I am also interested in comments.  There seems to be a huge trend towards big-boned horses. While I think horses certainly need sufficient bone to carry their own weight...isn't  the Arab described as more of a "fine-boned" breed anyway?  And, isn't that bone supposed to be of a very fine and strong texture? 
    As far as the horse mentioned below....how tall and heavy is the horse?
    Would be great at some time to have a database with statsitics on high-mileage horses, their size, weight, cannon bone measurements, bloodlines, etc.
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    Subject: [RC] Multi-day Horses

    Is a larger bone, studier build horse better (stays sounder) then a light bone sleeker built horse for Multi-days??? My goal is to do  multi-days and have a horse that will stay sound for a long, high mileage career. I found a horse that I like but he is small boned (I haven't measured, but I would guess less then 7 1/2") and wears a 00 shoe. I'm a heavy middleweight rider and am concerned that I may have problems in the future. What are the statistics on high mileage multi-day horses? I need to make a decision quickly and this is a big concern.  Anyone riding a lighter boned high mileage multi-day horse? E-mail me privately if you want. Thanks for your opinions.

    [RC] Multi-day Horses, Lauren Horn