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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - superpat

    > A friend of mine finished 50 miles over a TOUGH Ozark
    > course.  Unfortunately, she was 3 minutes OT.
    > Heartbreaking...and part of the sport.  Why should the
    > LD be any different?
    I have voiced my reasons for riding endurance enough times that I will not
    bore you with the repetitive nature of another discourse...but this
    statement about the heartbreak of not finishing within limits seems to
    overlook the reasons endurance continues to romance many of us.....the
    thrill and challenge of the course. If I finish a tough and challenging
    course, I have had 50 miles of challenge and adventure with my horse. If we
    do not earn a completion for whatever reason, the experience is not negated.
    If the rules have to be changed in order for some riders to feel good about
    having attempted, then in my opinion, perhaps this sport is not for them.
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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders, Susan Young Casey