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    [RC] ride shortages - Russell Calanni

    I'm not an AERC member and to be honest have not read the complete "thread" of conversations concerning ride shortages, but just was wondering about something???
    I have friends who are members of AERC and regular competitors, they want to have a ride in New York State and have inquired about ride dates several months ago.  Last I heard,they are still waiting to hear.  I had another friend in New York, who tried several  years ago to put on a ride and had trouble getting any cooperation from AERC (I think regionally).  Could this be part of the problem? I ride manage a competitive ride and know how difficult it is to be a ride manager and the organization I work with couldn't be more cooperative.  I can't imagine how much more difficult it would be if there wasn't that support. 
    Again, I don't want to talk "out of school" about something I've really had no experience in, but just wondered if that could be "part" of the problem.  I just thought it was curious that there are people who want to host a ride very much and are having difficulty getting it started.
    Just some food for thought.
    K. Calanni