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    [RC] Ride Shortages - PetComPlus

    Everyone seems to have a valid point regarding LD rides. I'm still a newbie 
    to the sport (less than 3 years) and have just moved up to 50's this year. I 
    live in Maryland, but find that I travel up to 12 hours to go to rides that I 
    like, especially SE rides. I find that what draws me there is the excellent 
    management. The trails, prizes and people all differ, but the rides have one 
    thing in common....good managers and volunteers. I would have stayed at LD's 
    longer, but the desire to participate in more rides drove my decision to jump 
    to 50's. I've gone to rides in my own backyard and unfortunately found them 
    to be lacking something. So for me, it comes down to who puts on the best 
    managed ride that determines where I go. I'd rather drive 10 hours to do an 
    LD/50 than drive 2 hours for a LD that's poorly run.
    Melody Jamieson
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