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    [RC] IntNewsGroup: FEI Press News35/02 - Lori & Rick Stewart

    FEI PRESS NEWS 34/02
    12 December 2002
    After 4.54.01 and an average speed of 16,32 km/h, Oscar Delgado/Bombas
    (CRC) was the winning combination of the Endurance ride, on little
    second ahead of team mate Alfredo Peralta/Faraon. 20 minutes later
    Federico Herbruger/Diamante (GUA) arrived to catch the bronze.
    All results on http://www.elsalvador2002.org.sv/
    The FEI Judicial Committee held a one-day meeting on 11 December 2002,
    in Geneva (SUI). The Chairman and all members were present as was the
    FEI Secretary General, FEI Veterinary Department Manager and the FEI
    Legal Manager.
    A lengthy hearing took place during the morning of the meeting and
    several other judicial cases were reviewed. All decisions will be
    published in the FEI Bulletin in due course.
    FEI judicial procedures were discussed and a representative from the
    FEI?s Swiss legal advisers made a very interesting presentation on this
    subject. A question and answer session took place which provided some
    helpful general guidelines for the Committee.
    The Secretary General referred a fact-finding report on the two
    Endurance horse fatalities at the WEG 2002 to the Judicial Committee for
    a preliminary review from a judicial point of view. The report had been
    compiled following the event by Prof Leo Jeffcott, Chairman of the FEI
    Veterinary Committee, Dr Hallvard Sommerseth, Chairman of the FEI
    Endurance Committee, Dr Frits Sluyter, Head of the FEI Veterinary
    Department and Mr Michael Stone, FEI Sports Director. Based on the
    preliminary review of the report, the Judicial Committee requested that
    two separate files be compiled and that further information and
    testimonies be solicited from the key persons involved. Two separate
    judicial cases would then be commenced as per FEI General Regulations
    Art. 165.
    Muriel Faienza, FEI Communications
    1005 Lausanne Switzerland
    T 41 21 310 47 47 F 310 47 60
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