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    [RC] re: LD, age, etc. - Cindy Collins

    So how old were you and what did you do to physically prepare for those 
    I'm not sure about your question, so if I don't answer it, please try
    again.  I started endurance riding in 1980 when I was 25 years old.  Now
    I'm 47 years old.  I ride to get in shape, mainly.  However, if for some
    reason I really want to be competitive, I start hiking and jogging more. I
    had two surgeries in 2001 that set me back a bit, although I still rode a
    lot of miles those seasons (just too dumb to quit), but am back on track
    now.  Had to work with three doctors and a physical therapist to make
    progress.  I'm usually pretty sore the first ride of the season, but after
    that it's never too bad.  If I can do a multiday for the first ride of the
    season, then I am not sore at all, just tired. Hope this helps somewhat. 
    Any cross-training type exercise both aerobic or weights will help.  I'm a
    new advocate of therapy ball training, too.  Good luck.  Cindy 
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