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    [RC] breeding contracts and considerations for stallion owner - Lysane Cree

    Hi everyone,

    Would any stallion owners be willing to share a copy of their breeding contract with me via e-mail? I am an articling student (not a full-fledged lawyer yet) and it is exciting for me that a friend of mine provides me with the opportunity to work in equine law. However, I have not been able to find a sample of a breeding contract anywhere.

    I know that contracts vary a great deal and will have to be adapted to our laws and our needs at the stable, but I would like to have an idea of some of the things you all include in your contracts - live foal guarantees (# of hours or days foal has to "live"...), liability issues for mare and stallion if either horse gets hurt, issues to consider for artificial insemination and/or shipped semen as well as live breeding, booking fees, etc. Horse breeding is a new area for me, so anything you can provide me with would be a great help. The lawyers I work for and who will be verifying my work are not knowledgeable about horses, so I need to get that part right on, on my own (i.e. general standard practices, particularities of breeding contracts etc..)

    Thanks again, and I am anxiously waiting for some responses


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