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    [RC] For the guys-a female actress who rides! - Linda B. Merims

    "Ruth Bourgeois" <ruthb@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
    >Another well known Taos resident is Donald Rumsfeld. One
    >of his horses was a regular patient at the vet hospital, too. ..
    Hmm.  One Cabinet member is probably worth about
    10,000 actors, if he's willing to open his mouth
    at the right time and in the right place...
    What breed?
    Are there any "hot" horse issues in the area
    around Taos?  Anything that might cause Mr. or
    Mrs. Rumsfeld to get hot under the collar
    about something the government is trying
    to do that might restrict their enjoyment
    of their ranch and their horses?
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA