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    [RC] Mustangs - oddfarm

    J. Brashier,
    I read your comments and agree some what.
    I just don't understand how this situation has gotten so out of hand. How did this happen? I know the BLM has not done such a great job in the past but I thought things had improved. 10,000 horses running wild is just too hard for me to fathom. It would seem that these horses would be in people's backyards.
    It is not just the people who adopt the mustangs who don't have a clue. The kind of stories you describe happen all over the place to all breeds of horses, at all different barns. No matter, I still feel your frustration. I don't want to see horses butchered for any reason. I would like to see more birth control. Is that taboo?
    Who would you recommend people contact for more info on this matter? Besides the BLM. My curiosity is peaked now and I want some answers.
    All you endurance riders out west, do you ever see wild herds roaming on your rides? How many, how often? With that many loose horses, somebody must be seeing them.
    Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm