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    [RC] Fw: failure notice/the stand-alone LD thread - Heidi Smith

    My server said that RC didn't like this post first time around, so here it
    comes again.... :-)
    > > [quoting Nancy] "Historically in OCER it seems we'll have an influx of
    > riders
    > > who start in 25's, with fewer riders in the 50. By the next year most of
    > > them move up or quit the sport, and the 50's have more entries. Then it
    > > starts all over again."
    > >
    > > I haven't been around long enough to observe this, I'll have to take
    > > word for it. But, at least at the endurance rides I've been to, the
    > in
    > > the LD has been larger than the entry in the 50. That might be due to
    > > difficulty of the terrain over which the ride is held near here vs.
    > > most entrants can train (not very challenging terrain).
    > This cyclic phenomenon happens all over the country.  Wherever endurance
    > new, the LD entry is large, and the longer distances are small, until a
    > steady ridership is built up.  Then the longer distance entries generally
    > outnumber the LD's.  But there still seems to be the cyclic thing, where
    > LD people kind of start in "waves" and then move up, and then another
    > of new folks start.  I've seen this over and over in several areas in the
    > past 30 years.
    >   > "Hiring a vet for 1/2 day 25 will cost just as much as a whole day."
    > >
    > > Maybe, maybe not.
    > Maybe not, but it won't be only half as much.  The vet time is still more
    > expensive the shorter the ride.  Having been on both the paying end and
    > receiving end of this equation (been both ride vet and RM), I can assure
    > that the longer the vet is there, the cheaper he or she is "by the hour"
    > to speak.
    > > OK, for the sake of debate, let's talk about a ride with an entry of 50
    > with
    > > 20 being 50 mile riders and 30 being LD. 2 vets can do this. 2 vets
    > > have been hired for the 50 anyway. The order minimum for the completion
    > > award was 50. Enough water in one tank for everyone.
    > >
    > > So everything that is in place for the 50 can be used for the LD. These
    > are
    > > fixed costs, they are sunk costs, meaning they must be paid no matter
    > what.
    > >
    > > So tell me how adding the 25 adds more cost beyond the costs of
    > > and some baggies and the cost to copy a few maps? Time cost? You bet.
    > > Adminstrative headaches. Yup! More newbies in the lower distances equals
    > > more time and attention by staff, more heart palpations, more high blood
    > > pressure. The attention needed for lower distances the day of the event
    > > only slightly less per person averaged across the entire entry (some are
    > old
    > > riders on a new horse, some just showed up without a clue) when it's all
    > > said and done than the 50's will likely require.
    > And as to dollar cost, given this example, neither distance would likely
    > survive financially without the other.  It is difficult to put on any sort
    > of quality event without at least a ridership of 40 or so, no matter what
    > the distance.
    > Whoever said, "United we stand, divided we fail" was right.  We need all
    > us, and segregation of distances could well cause the demise of
    > rides that need ALL their ridership to survive.
    > Heidi
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