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    [RC] [Guest] Land Between the Lakes - Ridecamp Guest

    Vicki Loren VLH327@xxxxxxx
    My husband and I moved to Tennesse a year ago. I grew up as a junior rider
    in Michigan. This spring was the first time I have done any riding in about
    8 years due to college and being in the military. It takes us about an hour
    to trailer to the Wrangler Campgroung at LBL. We rode there almost every
    weekend this sumer.
    The trails at LBL are wonderful. They are mostly two tracks with gentle
    rolling hills. The trails are rocky in some spots, but the are mostly a
    clay/dirt mixture. There are about a 100 miles of marked trails, but I have
    beend told by locals that there are another 100 miles of unmarked trails.
    The camground has the best set up that I have ever seen. The sites are not
    stacked up on each other. There are stalls available to rent. There is a
    camp store. A farrier is available from April to October.
    Vicki Loren (Herrick)
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