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    Re: [RC] Re: [RC] Ride shortages: EVEN LONGER - Truman Prevatt

    I recently did an analysis on the growth in endurance from the years 1996 through 2001. The date of 1996 was use since the database is accurate from that year on. Before then there is some issues with it.

    The results were announced on RC some time back with pointers to the results.

    To make a long story short, I will summarize.

    First LD is the fastest growing category in endurance.  The categories are LD, 100 mile rides and then everything else which is primarily 50 to 60 (with a few 75's and 80's).

    Secondly they are growing very fast in a couple or regions - particularly the midwest, southeast and the combination of the current SW and PSW regions. The SW and PSW were lumped together for this analysis for consistency- since the old SW region was split into these two regions during the time period for the analysis.

    Also it seems that endurance is also growing in the regions with healthy LD growth. In the midwest it seems that LD growth comes from more rides adding LD's.  In the NE there numbers are flat in endurance and they are flat in endurance. It also seems that in this region there are many rides without LD rides. In fact where LD growth is flat so is growth in the other distances. This leads me to believe that a growing LD program will be indicative of a growing endurance program

    I don't think a separate LD events are the answer. I would suggest the answer is to put pressure on the ride managers that are not supporting the LD program to do so.


    A. Perez wrote:
    Making endurance "easier" won't solve that.
    The only way I suggested makeing it easier was to make more LD 
    rides available!  No other changes!  My hope would be that
    many would go on to 'real' endurence rides, maybe even going on 
    to MANAGE some!
    Endurance as a competitve sport is NOT the same as a bunch of 
    kids bombing around on horse back.
    Oh please.  My POINT was that it is sad that these kids don't 
    know the joys and challenges of trail riding PRECISELY because
    they hold the same bias AGAINST 'pleasure' riding that I so 
    often read between the lines on Ridecamp!  It doesn't
    lead to competition!  It isn't "blessed" by a sanctioning
    organization!  There are (shudder!) NO RULES! So give them 
    those things, and more LD rides to start out in, and maybe they 
    will hit the trails and get into endurence
    AND SUPPORT THE SPORT!  And grow up to be voters who will 
    support trail preservation!  AND sponsor and manage rides!

    Re: [RC] Re: [RC] Ride shortages: EVEN LONGER, A. Perez