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    [RC] Black Beauty Can RUN! - Tamara Taylor

    Wow, I hope the little boy was ok! Horses will be horses...too bad the trainer 
    wasn't using his head for something other than holding his hat up.
    From: Kristi Schaaf <iluvdez@xxxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [RC]   Black Beauty can RUN
    I saw Doc's Keepin' Time (Black Beauty) at an
    exhibition a few years ago, and I was surprised at how
    small he seemed up close. The big screen really does
    make stars look larger!! Anyway, his trainer put his
    very young son (4 yoa?) on Doc, freestyle, and that
    well-trained movie star horse took off decided to
    ignore the trainer's commands and took off at a dead
    gallop down the race track. The trainer screamed at
    him to stop, and after about 50 yards, he decided to
    obey and stopped so hard and fast that the little boy
    shot over his head like a rocket. I was sorry to see
    the accident, but it made me realize that a horse, no
    matter how well trained, is still a HORSE. I
    personally think that Doc was so ticked at having to
    stand in that little tiny portable corral while being
    ogled by all the spectators that he was, uh,
    expressing his frustration! Kristi
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