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    [RC] Land Between the Lakes - Stewart, Carrie

    I have a mother and father in law that are retired in Cadiz, KY.  We got
    the chance to check out the horse camping facilities when we were there
    visiting over Thanksgiving.  I have a map of the over 100 miles of trail
    they have there.  The terrain looks to be rolling and in places rocky
    (large rocks).  I didn't get a chance to see the trails but I would
    think that they are very nice as they are fastidious about maintenance
    of the trails there.  No motor vehicles are allowed on the horse trails.
    The camp (Wrangler's Ranch) was very nice.  Stalls, pipe corral paddocks
    and tie line poles.  I would be more than happy to scan the info we
    picked up and send it to you (or anyone else who wants it).  If I had a
    horse that was ready to go this year, I would definitely do this ride.
    Nice scenery. 
    Carrie Stewart
    Oak Lawn Arabians
    From: Tina Hicks <tina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [RC]   Land Between the Lakes
    I noticed on the calendar that there's a ride scheduled at LBL for the
    Has anyone on the list gone to a ride at LBL? I missed out on the rides
    that used to be there cuz I started too late :) - I think Nina Warren
    used to put them on??? Anyway, what were they like as far as terrain?
    checks? camp?
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