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    Re:[RC] Land Between the Lakes - rides2far

    >>Has anyone on the list gone to a ride at LBL? 
    Great ride, did it several times. Main thing you'll remember about it is the powerlines if they use them. They're BIG. I really wanted to do my first 100 there, and I still wish I could do the 100 there. Any chance a 100 will be added later Diane? :-))  I'll never forget starting the morning of the ride that was on TV. It was lightning a lot worse than it showed on the show. I had a junior with me to do her first ride ever and wondered if her parents would expect me not to let her start.  I drove down to the start to see if they'd delay it and they were already starting the 100's. Barely got saddled in time and missed the start of the 50 even with no warm up. We had to cross a huge open field where the trail passed right under a lone tree. One of this "boy are we stupid" moments.
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