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    Re: [RC] Shortage of Multi-Days in SE - Tina Hicks

    I would think another reason might be that we often are doing good to come
    up with 25 - 50 miles (usually only 25 miles worth) of trail which are
    used for a 25, 50, 100 miler ride in one day - coming up with more trail
    so the 2nd or 3rd day isn't a complete repeat of day one is a challenge.  
    Not many areas in the SE have that many miles of trail in one spot
    (like BSF where there's 250 miles of horse trail in one area - way more 
    trail than is in the entire state of AL). 
    Additionally, many of our rides use a combination of public and private
    land - getting permission to cross a landowner's property once with a
    bunch of horses (maybe in the rain, mud, etc...) is a big deal - asking to
    do that 2 or 3 days in a row would really be tough :)
    On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Truman Prevatt 
    > In the SE there really has only been one Pioneer ride(3 or more days) 
    > and that was the Big South Fork for two years in a row a few years back. 
    > There are a few two day rides.  What seems to be the case is the 
    > ridership at the second day ( or second and 3 day of 3 day rides) seems 
    > to significantly drop off. There doesn't seem to be an overwhelming 
    > demand for that format.
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    Re: [RC] Shortage of Multi-Days in SE, Truman Prevatt