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    [RC] Oregon Horse Rescue - Sarah W

    I know this is not an endurance related topic, so to
    speak, but I feel the obligation to post.... I got
    this posting directly off www.Petfinder.org, in the
    emergency rescue message boards, posted 12/6/02.  If I
    were not bound to Michigan right now, I would
    definitely be headed out there to help whatever way I
    could!  I hope people can pull together to help out.
    There are 114+ neglected horses in Central Oregon.
    They are starved, hooves over grown some up to a foot
    long, pregnant mares ready to deliver, some have been
    put to sleep. They have established a "Save the
    Horses" donation center. Call 800-815-4868 if you can
    help these horses.
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