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    [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Linda B. Merims

    Betty Lamore said:
    >BTW, I met Patrick when I was videoing his trainer's
    >horse (Rita McNair)  at his place. ...The only problem
    >he has is when he shows (like at Scottsdale),...
    >He did it to sell the posters to make money for the
    >youth classes...
    Sigh...I keep talking actors and trails and everybody
    else seems to want to talk about actors and beefcake,
    but I'll keep going anyway.
    Now the interesting thing here is that we have
    an actor who loves horses, Arabians in particular,
    and they are even willing to do charity work to
    improve the state of their discipline, but they
    have gone down the *show* path instead of
    the sport horse/distance horse/trails path.
    Anyway to redirect his attention?  Like, is he
    having trouble with getting land to ride on?
    Does he ever go out on the trail network they
    are building in Scottsdale, whose development
    was initiated by the horse people there?  Is there
    any way to make our issues into his personal
    Linda B.  Merims
    Massachusetts, USA
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