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    Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers - Heidi Smith

    >but something to consider with water temp
    > is not just whether the water is so frozen over that the horses CAN'T
    > but also whether it's a comfortable temp that they really want to drink
    > Think about if you were hanging around in the cold and were thirsty and
    you had
    > a choice between close to freezing temp water; or a nice warm drink (or at
    > least well above freezing).  Which are you more likely to drink more of?
    > warmer one, right?
    At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I am absolutely THRILLED with the
    Brower automatic waterers we put in this year just prior to winter.  (And I
    just wish I had them for everybody--but maybe over the next couple of
    years... )  I see the mares out there just sipping and sipping, for the fun
    of it, instead of just coming down once a day for the one mandatory drink.
    We've got all the large groups with access to waterers now, and I'm only
    having to hand-water "Stallion Row."  (Sort of culture shock!  <g>)  I
    haven't put a thermometer in one of them, but just sticking my hand in, I'd
    guess the water temp at around 50 degrees, or maybe a bit warmer.
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    Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers, suendavid