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    Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers - Cheryl Ann

    Hi SG -
    No offense taken! :)
    What I meant by that was with my kids being fed every six to eight hours,
    was that their water doesn't get as much of a chance to freeze as it would
    if it were only checked twice a day. Still, I have noticed that my Kit (now
    19+) once in a while doesn't drink as much as the two younger kids do, so I
    started with the warmer water and apple juice. Still and all, the three
    average almost two full pails from the tap each per day, inside, the farm
    keeps close watch on this.
    I have also found some insulated but unheated pails with the foam piece
    covering the water surface. Anyone try any of these?
    Oh   p.s. - personally I will drink the colder drink in the winter, I don't
    know if you may remember from last year, but I was the one writing about how
    I love cold winter riding because I can carry ice cream bars in  my
    saddlebags and they wouldn't melt. I think it is a result of my subconcious,
    because I dislike hot weather riding sooo much. I do bring a thermos of
    tomato soup, but usually leave it in the truck for when I get back from my
    ride. If I drink it on the trail, it just makes me too warm.
    Cheryl in WNY
    Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani
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    Re: [RC] water heaters/de-icers, suendavid