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    Re: [RC] Another feed question - alfalfa - Susan Garlinghouse

    >course, it is winter now, the field had been cut so there >is just stubble.
    Anyway, I was just wondering about >grazing horses on straight alfalfa this
    next summer.  What >do I need to know?  I'm familiar with grass hay fields.
    >Do the same principals apply, or what.  Would I be >wise to try to seed
    some grass in it as soon as I can?  >What do you all think?
    Yeow.  Too much, too much, too much.  Way too rich.  Seed it with a lot of
    grass seed, and limit the grazing time on it, or cut it for hay before
    letting the horses graze on it.  Within a few years, the grass plants should
    crowd out the majority of the alfalfa.
    Susan G
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    [RC] Another feed question - alfalfa, Rebecca Rohwer