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    Re: [RC] ] Commercial feeds; Strategy vs. traditional grain mix - Susan Garlinghouse

    >I'd like to see this answer, too, because a friend's horse >died from
    impaction from a pelleted feed and I've been >afraid to feed pellets ever
    since.  We just had our new >mare with a trainer and he fed Strategy.  She
    did well on >it but it scared me to death.
    The cause of your friend's horse's impaction was probably not the pellets
    themselves, but insufficient water intake.  I'm not a huge fan of pellets,
    but they're okay if you use some common sense.  My suggestions are:
    1) Provide at least 50% of the ration in the form of long-stem hay or
    pasture, not just pellets.  Better gut motility, better psychological
    health, etc.
    2)  Don't feed pellets to any horse with a history of choke unless you've
    soaked the pellets down into a sloppy mush.
    3) Make sure the water source is high-quality, clean, in plentiful supply
    and of an appropriate temperature.  I've seen automatic water bowls in the
    sun that are hot enough to brand cows, and buckets frozen solid, both with
    owners that thought their horses should be nicely hydrated.
    4)  Never feed dry pellets to a tired horse.  Fatigue depresses esophageal
    function, making choke more likely, and dehydration decreases saliva
    Hope this helps. :-)
    Susan G
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    Re: [RC] ] Commercial feeds; Strategy vs. traditional grain mix, Bob & Amber Roberts