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    Re: [RC] Riding other folks' horses - Cindy Collins

    Personally, I have had some wonderful experiences that I wouldn't trade
    for the world riding other people's horses:  Sierra Fadwah, Sierra Fad
    Serene, Sierra Spunk, Hot Shot Honey, Serya Robask, GE Dandy...just to
    name a few.  One of my deepest regrets as an endurance rider is that I did
    not take Smokey's offer to let me ride Bandit on a ride.  Can't remember
    why now...think it was a problem with me getting there, but whatever the
    reason was, it was a mistake.  I did get to ride Bandit around a XP camp
    bareback to limber him up and I treasure that memory.  Same feelings about
    my memory of taking Joe Long's Kahlil on a training ride out of Shell. 
    However, as a word of caution, I was an experienced endurance rider AND
    the owners all trusted me to ride my own ride depending upon how I thought
    the horse felt.  I was never pushed to go fast.  So, my feeling is that
    those rides were great gifts and I suggest you consider taking up the
    offer if you trust the owner, have some experience yourself and the horse
    is experienced.  Good luck.  Cindy
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