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    Re: [RC] [RC] Black oil sunflower seeds - Susan Garlinghouse

    > I started feeding corn oil to boost my horse's calories during the
    > competitive season this last year. To make it easier on whomever is doing
    > the feeding, get a big squirt bottle -- foodservice sized like what is
    > for serve yourself ketchup and mustard. A quart bottle is not big enough,
    > tried that.
    However, oil will start to go rancid after about ten days of being
    repeatedly exposed to light, heat and/or oxygen.  So the food service sized
    jug is a great idea, but if that lasts more than about ten days, and
    especially if it's warm out, try to only expose small amounts to air, etc,
    and try to keep the main oil supply somewhere dark and cool. :-)
    Susan G
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    [RC] [RC] Black oil sunflower seeds, Deanna German