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    Re: [RC] Conditioning - Drin Becker

    Angela wrote 
     "Should I just stick with limited distance for
    a year or so or do slow 50's.  How often should I be riding her? "
    Angela the best thing you can do with your mare is just trail ride her , forget about conditioning and endurance for  awhile and just ride the trails teaching her about creeks , uphills , downhills , wild game on the trail etc; The conditioning will come as she learns how to go about navigating obstacles with you on her back . No matter that she is a 6 year old she is still a colt maturity wise . I bred for and raised for my current endurance prospect Ruffian and she is now a coming 6 year old . She was born and raised in 100's of acres in a herd situation , I had a friend put 30 days riding on her to get her started for me in her fall 4 year old year , for the last 1 1/2 years I have been riding trails with her teaching her things she needs to know to compete . Getting a base on her , getting to know her quirks out on the trail but most of all learning about her . As Angie pointed out "the slow way is the fast way " these are words for a beginner to take to heart and pay attention to . Even when we do everything right and by the book sometimes it just does not work out . Ruffy will go to her first ride next may , a 50 , we will tail end the rides we go to all summer just learning more about each other and having a grand time on the trail with just her and I riding together .
                                                     Drin Becker
                                                     Mtn Region