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    [RC] [Guest] Commercial feeds; Strategy vs. traditional grain mix - Ridecamp Guest

    Karen Webb kpwebb@xxxxxxx
    I would like Susan Garlinghouse' input.  A while back I started feeding FRM
    feeds as the are formulated under the auspices of Kentucky Equine Research.
    Most of the time the feed quality is good, but I swear it looks different
    everytime I get a new batch.  Sometimes it's really dry and other times
    really moist.  It also has a heavy molasses content when I would prefer more
    oil.  Prior to this I had been feeding Purina Strategy without a problem.  I
    like the high fat content (6%) it's alfalfa based and seems very digestible.
    See all the oats in my horses' poop always makes me wonder how much they are
    actually utlizing that grain in the grain mix feeds.
    So is it better to feed the tradiational grain mix as some people argue it's
    "more natural" or is the digestibility of an extruded or pelleted feed
    better because the horse utilizes more of the feed instead of it just
    passing through?  Also, does beet pulp really enhance the utilization of
    your horse's grain ration or it is just a good source of fiber?
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