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  • - Susan Garlinghouse
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  • - Susan Garlinghouse

    Re: [RC] Black oil sunflower seeds - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Looking at costs and such I would recommend feeding Buckeye Ultimate
    > if you are in an area where you can get their feeds. It's a kibble type
    > feed, 25% fats from several sources. It is stabilized so won't go rancid
    > sunflower seeds can become rancid.
    Just FWIW, sunflower seeds unprocessed and still in the hull usually have a
    pretty decent shelf life and even the stabilized feeds can and do go
    rancid---it's just slower than might otherwise occur.
    However, I do like Buckeye Ultimate Finish a LOT and I'm lucky enough that I
    can get it in my area.  I have some senior horses that I like feeding some
    fat to, providing liquid fats isn't convenient for my situation and I like
    that the UF is a) calcium-phosphorus balanced, b) has a VERY nice
    vitamin-mineral premix added that I like and so avoids having to mix in
    another supplement and c) isn't a big deal if one horse eats more than his
    fair share.  Plus, I really like the omega 3 fatty acid profile in it.
    Buckeye also has some other ration balancer type formulations that are very
    good as well.
    So, if it's available in your area, Cindy, Bonnie's suggestion is a good one
    either as an addition or replacement for the sunflower seed idea.  If it
    isn't available, oh well. :-)
    Susan G
    Check out their web site:
    > http://www.buckeyenutrition.com/horse/index.html
    > <http://www.buckeyenutrition.com/horse/index.html>  . I've been thinking
    > about getting some to feed my new skinny Mouse. I've been adding beetpulp
    > his feed but he eats much slower than the others and I have a time
    > to keep in the mornings so I can hit the road to work. The ultimate finish
    > is much more calorie dense than the beetpulp so the pure volume in his tub
    > will be reduced. By the way, all my animals LOVE it, cats, dog, horses.
    > Bonnie Snodgrass
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    > Subject: [RC] Black oil sunflower seeds
    > Been hearing lately about feeding black oil sunflower seeds, still in the
    > hull.  It's being touted as an alternative to feeding oil, and it would
    > certainly be an easier alternative for horses kept in a boarding facility.
    > Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's about this?
    > Cindy
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    RE: [RC] Black oil sunflower seeds, Snodgrass, Bonnie