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    Re: [RC] Need HELP Regarding Hay - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Horses at the stable where my horse is boarded at are
    > getting sores in their mouths from the hay.  <snip>Apparently another
    > barn in the area has had this problem too.  According
    > to friend it appears all the barn managers are being
    > defensive about this complaint from their boarders...
    >> So my question is---what can I do to help my mare?  So > far her sore is
    not infected.  Is there any way to
    > help ensure it doesn't get infected or is this an "at
    > risk" situation like I think it is?  I can get some
    > better hay but would not be able to provide it on a
    > daily basis or regularly...> Aside from the mouth sores are there any
    other risks
    > that could be involved (ie colic or anything)?
    Geez, what a pain.  If she were my horse, I'd either move her somewhere else
    that either had better hay, or was willing to feed the (better) hay you
    provided and give you a board discount accordingly.  I know that can be
    tough trying not to rock the boat with a barn manager, but it's just not
    reasonable to provide a hay that causes those kinds of oral sores, while her
    own horses are getting something better (obviously indicating that she knows
    there's a problem).
    Yeah, IMO, the barb-wire hay is an at-risk issue.  It's fairly unlikely the
    sores will get infected, but I'm more concerned about either the horse(s)
    either being too sore to eat enough to maintain weight; or not chewing hay
    well enough and causing some esophageal obstruction/choke; or at the very
    least, just causing her pain when you try to ride.
    At the very least, I would try to provide her with some of your own hay and
    throw in enough that she lasts until the next day.  Nothing wrong with
    feeding free choice as long as there aren't obesity issues, etc.  There are
    also numerous complete horse feeds available on the market, including
    various pellets (not my first choice but okay in a pinch), Complete
    Advantage, senior feeds, etc.  Try to talk with the manager again about
    providing a better hay; if you're branded as a diabolical troublemaker, so
    be it.  You're probably better off finding somewhere else.
    Good luck!
    Susan G
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