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    Re: [RC] Wheat hay - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Does anyone have experience with Wheat hay ? my hay supplier has some and
    > have never seen or heard anything about it . Thanks
    > Valerie
    I used to think it was junk until Lari Shea told me she'd won Tevis feeding
    wheat hay.  Obviously, I'd never seen any that was good quality, but it
    apparently exists.  So, quality is the key.  Good stuff if it's beardless
    and good quality, just a source of fiber if it's at the straw point.  The
    protein content can vary widely, and the calcium-phosphorus content is
    almost always inverted---so add a few pounds of either a beet pulp based
    feed, a pound of alfalfa hay/pellets, or a spoonful or two of calcium
    carbonate (limestone) if that's the only forage source.
    Susan G
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    [RC] Wheat hay, Carizima