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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Claudia Provin

        > In the "Kentuckian", Wayne did some of his riding but not all.  He was
    becoming a star.  Smiley Burnett was his side kick -- Burnett was an
            In "Fighting Kentuckian" (probably a different movie) - the "fat
    guy" was Oliver Hardy (I just checked the movie credits--grin) - and he
    played a straight role.   What seemed unusual to me was that he actually did
    do some of his own riding - on those same plantation saddles - albeit not
    "serious stuff".  There is one scene in which John Wayne is supposed to leap
    (not "swing", but "leap") flat-footed from a standstill to astride the
    saddle - there is a convenient cut in the film right there, between the
    take-off of the leap and the landing--grin.    In another scene, John
    Wayne's character is supposed to swing onto a running horse like the cowboy
    stars always did---but remember, this was a plantation saddle he was using -
    so for this scene it's very obvious the saddle has been changed to a trick
    saddle---with a "horn" for the rider to grab.
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