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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Claudia Provin

    > Hey, what about WOMEN?  I believe Julia Roberts has horses and rode in
    Conspiracy Theory, and Something to Talk About.
                In Bite the Bullet, Candace Bergen rides well.    In Bad Girls
    (Madeline Stowe, Andie McDowell, Drew Barrymore and Mary Stuart Masterson),
    three of the girls (and their doubles) do some fine riding and shooting -
    the fourth girl not only rides and shoots, but drives a wagon quite well.
    There's a close up of Andie McDowell riding hard--in her fancy dress, with
    it billowing up, showing her bloomers.   I understand these three spent six
    weeks at "cowboy school" learning to ride, draw a gun, shoot, etc.   They
    don't "just" shoot---they shoot on the run, roll under wagons while still
    firing, etc --just like "real western heroes".    They do a fine job in this
    movie -- if anybody hasn't seen it, you oughta, just to feel proud of those
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