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    [RC] Perf Win - Roger Rittenhouse

    Problem is Buckeye Feed does not provide for a good distribution
    system. A dealer has to buy quite a load to get it for a fair price.
    They dont really appear to want to market this really great elyte.
    As a 'businesss' I normally only buy it in 4 pnd tubs, easy to carry to
    rides and lower cost to ship.
    It is not cheap - I sell the tub for $19 plus shipping.
    Costs to play.
    I think RBF sells it in  much larger containers.
    A 4 pnd tub should last for 2 to 3  -50 milers depending on how fast
    you go and the weather.
    You have to use much more per dose to get the correct loading.
    I use 3 to 5 oz per VC.
    I premix it in a paste the night before and load up 'used' LYTE and NOW
    I like this elyte better then all out there.
    However others that do work are ENDURA-LYTES   old product - get from
    Jeffers and other mail order --
    ABC RIDE RITE, from any ABC dealer or ABC direct.
    ABC now has a paste which I have not tried yet.
    Anyway thats the sales pitch on "where to get PERF and WIN"
    I think some of the endurance shops on the WC should call Buckeye and
    stock this product.... else I will be glad to ship it..
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