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    [RC] [Guest] head flipping - Ridecamp Guest

    wendy mickels wendy mickels @direcway.com
     One thing to try is a french snaffle. . Many horses have a " low port" that
    is a shallow mouth. when the port of a regular bitt hits the upper part of
    the mouth it is much more sever than in other horses. I have found this out
    the hard way. I used to think that my ex-sr. stallion was being difficult
    and after a good dumping and a time with a knowledgeble trainer i realized
    that it was a real problem for him and that was with a friendly d-ring. The
    french snaffle is a 3 piece bit and most have a flat center that lies nicely
    on the toung. He is wonderful in it- no head tossing. (still ornery) but
    very pliable. You can experiment with this one for aprox.,$15.00  43/4 fits
    most arabs with out pinching.I got mine at riders warehouse 3 yrs ago still
    looks new. good luck, Wendy
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