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    Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies - Bonnie Davis

    Sure, will post next Bucket Buddies Trials when they are announced.
    I understand they're trying to find a site for 2003 trials.
    Since past trials have been held on federal lands it looks like it might be
    hard to have another trials because:  in many areas can't take water from
    creek for fear of disturbing Yellow Legged frog eggs; no logs across streams
    for fearing of daming creek and causing flood; no upslope movement (again
    for fear of disturbing soil in bank which may cause disturance of endangered
    Blue Button Wasted Grey Hooded Purple Dotted butterfly); barbed wire fences
    have to be approved before installation; bogs are considered endangered
    habitat for various native plants; neither stumbs nor rocks can be climbed
    on for concern of leaving scuff marks on surfaces which is in violation of
    visual enviromental concerns; and, hot wire fencing is no longer allowed
    after last contestant fizzled which proved to Forest Service that hot wires
    can no longer be used in some National Forests for concern of frying hikers.
    Plus all these concerns and others cannot be adequately addressed and
    completed in the Environmetal Impact Report until the nesting season of the
    Meadow Red Neck Turnabout is complete and people can get onto the land to
    inspect the proposed trial site.  Nesting season runs from May 1st thru to
    April 27th.....
    Bonnie Davis
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    From: "Jim Holland" <lanconn@xxxxxxx>
    To: "Bonnie Davis" <horsecamping@xxxxxxxxx>; "Ridecamp"
    Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 6:14 PM
    Subject: Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies
    > Could you let us know when the next competition takes place?  I'm
    > entering Joan... <grin>
    > Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    > Bonnie Davis wrote:
    > >
    > > The Obstacle Bucket Buddies Speed Award is held at the Championship
    > > Buddies Trials -- end of every odd year.  In this course one has to fill
    > > bucket, cross stream on a log, up slope, climb through 5- strand
    > > fence, cross bog, climb onto stump and slide down rock next to stump and
    > > then open and close drop wire fence that has a hot wire on top.
    > > Unfortunately there were no 'official' winners in 2001 -- there were
    > > three contestants, one fell off the log after filling bucket and was
    > > down stream (ruled off course), the second sank in the bog and the only
    > > thing found was the bucket and since it was empty (he was disqualified)
    > > the third sort of fizzled away when opening the electric fence gate and
    > > water from bucket splash on it......
    > >
    > > Bonnie Davis
    > >
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    > > From: "Barbara H-B" <bahoba2@xxxxxxxx>
    > > To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    > > Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 9:24 AM
    > > Subject: Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies
    > >
    > > > Well I'm voting for the HOLDING time drinking or not!  BTW shouldn't
    > > > be a 3rd award for the most amount of obstacles (trees, stumps,
    > > > rock, electric pens, dogs on chains tied to trailers etc.) negotiated
    > > > the buddies to get the water where that darned equine is hanging out?
    > > That
    > > > could be the Bucket Buddies Speed with Obstacle  Award.
    > > > B
    > > > At 06:30 PM 12/4/02, Bonnie Davis wrote:
    > > > >Others feel it
    > > > >should be for the longest time HOLDING the bucket up regardless of
    > > many
    > > > >times the horse drinks.
    > > >
    > > > Barbara
    > > >
    > > >
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